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What's Inside Body By Michael

Food & Recipe Secrets ($200 Value)

Understand the concept of the diet with clear instructions to food groups, portion sizes including your earned cheat meals. You'll also receive some cool tips and alternatives to foods you may not have been able to eat.  You’ll receive 11 simple, extremely nutritious and tasty meals made live for you in an easy to follow video clip forma

Customized Workouts ($1,000 Value)

The workout series are broken up into two parts. The first workout series, you'll get to increase your cardiovascular system as well as burn your unwanted fat. It’s simple, refreshing and creeps up on you but best of all keep you burning calories for hours after you've finished the workout. The second workout will focus on toning and shaping your body whilst improving your physical strength

Intermittent Fast Secrets ($500 Value)

This is the game changer! It helps reset your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This increases the release of growth hormone (let's face it, who doesn't want to look and feel younger). This component will also help reduce inflammation and lower blood sugar level which is perfect for anyone with type 2 diabetes or any illnesses caused by inflammation.

Shopping Do's & Don'ts ($500 Value)

In this video, you will learn the secrets of what to buy and what not to buy at the store. You get a live tour shopping for groceries at a Supermarket, the Do's and Dont's of what to buy, what to look out for and what are great alternatives. This way you are never left in the dark and have a full blueprint on how to get a lasting change that will become fun!

Recovery & Rehab Secrets (Priceless)

An important component of functioning more with improved body alignment. These re-calibrating exercises are so easy to fit into your daily routine and require very little effort to do them. So simple and effortless that people of any age will love doing them.
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If Body By Michael does not show you how to lose the weight or take you by the hand step by step to give you the blue print to a happier and healthier version of yourself, you'll receive a full refund. NO questions asked.
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